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What You'll Learn

Application Development

Learn how to build applications for both web and mobile devices using industry-standard technology. New topics and courses are added continually.

  •   Application Design
  •   Front-End Frameworks
  •   Back-End Frameworks

Core CS

It is insufficient to only learn how to code. You must also learn how to problem solve. Tyro's Core CS topics teach you these skills through experiential learning.

  •   Object-Oriented Programming
  •   Data Structures
  •   Algorithms

Software Engineering

Once you've learned how to solve problems and express your solutions in code, the final step is to learn the processes and standards to do so within a team in industry.

  •   Agile Methodologies
  •   Quality Assurance
  •   Continuous Deployment

How You'll Learn


Video Tutorials

Concise, sequential video lectures that explain each topic of the course step-by-step. The instructor's code is provided for each lecture so students may follow along.

  •   Step-by-Step Instruction
  •   Single-Topic Focus
  •   2-5 Minutes Videos

Practice Projects

Complete end-to-end projects that solidify students' learning. Projects evolve in difficulty to ensure students continue develop their understanding.

  •   Beginner Projects
  •   Intermediate Projects
  •   Advanced Projects


Step-by-step implementation of the project by the instructor so students may review their code quality and learn additional coding techniques and strategies.

  •   Code Analysis
  •   Overview of Best Practices
  •   Instructor Implementation